Hollywood Remains to Be Seen

The Hollywood Underground dinner

Oct. 1, 2005
Hollywood Forever

The spectacular and candlelit private mausoleum of William A. Clark Jr., businessman, philanthropist and founder of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The grounds at Hollywood Forever. Hattie McDaniel's memorial marker can be seen in the lower right corner.

The entrance to the Cathedral Mausoleum

The crowd assembles inside the mausoleum for cocktails and pre-dinner socializing while a patient apostle, at right, holds someone's coat.

The socializing and drinking continues.

Karen McHale, founder and godmother of Hollywood Underground, delivers the welcoming address to the assembled multitude.

More of the crowd.

After her presentation, Karen heads for the bar. All mausoleums should be so well-prepared for visitors.

Under an apostle's watchful eye, Steve Goldstein serves as master of ceremonies, with his typical aplomb and entertaining graveside manor.

Joe Walker discusses his lifelong interest in true crime, while a wary apostle tries to protect himself, just in case.

Steve returns to the lectern to introduce the featured speaker, Tracy Terhune, author of "Valentino Forever: The History of the Valentino Memorial Service." An appropriate speaker in an appropriate venue, since his subject was just down the hall.

Steve and Harry preside over the raffle.


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