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LAPD Street Signs

Officer John McQuaide Schomaker
(June 1896 Feb. 27, 1929)

Officer William Howard Marple
(June 13, 1893 Feb. 27, 1929)

In late Febuary 1929, retired building contractor Burton O. Carr, 75, was a patient at General Hospital in Los Angeles. Carr had been suffering from a lengthy illness and, when he took a turn for the worst on Wednesday, Feb. 27, it was decided that relatives should be notified that the end was near.

LAPD Officers John M. Schomaker, 32, and William H. Marple, 35, of the Highland Park Division volunteered to notify one of Carr's relatives living on Eagledale Avenue in the Eagle Rock section of the city.

The officers were heading to the house on York Boulevard, approaching Avenue 45, when their car started to skid on the wet pavement. The driver -- it isn't known which officer was behind the wheel -- applied the brakes, but the band on the right rear wheel failed to take hold.

Based on the skid marks at the scene, the car skidded sideways for about 200 feet before hitting a high curb near a driveway, then rolled over three times. Both of the left wheels were broken off at the hubs. Schomaker was found lying beside the overturned car, while Marple had been thrown about 20 feet from the wreckage. Both died at the scene.

Carr died later that evening.

Marple was born June 13, 1893, in Barberton, Ohio, the youngest of five children of English immigrants Joseph and Fannie Marple. In about 1915, Marple moved to California, where he lived in Tropico (now Glendale), ran a poultry farm and worked as a mechanic. Marple later worked as a motorcycle officer for the Glendale Police Department before joining the LAPD on Sept. 6, 1927.

Schomaker was born in June 1896 in Pennsylvania, the second of eight children of Charles Frank and Martha H. McQuaide Schomaker. Schomaker's father, the son of German immigrants, worked first as a bookkeeper, then as a farmer. By 1920, Schomaker and his older siblings were working on the family farm in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. A few years later, Schomaker moved to Los Angeles, and joined the LAPD on Dec. 31, 1926. Schomaker left a widow and young son.

The memorial signs for Marple and Schomaker are located on the northwest corner of York Boulevard and Avenue 45, directly in front of the Los Angeles Fire Department's Station 55.

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