The 2020 Daily Deathiversaries Calendar

The 2020 Daily Deathiversaries calendar will help you remember and honor your favorite celebrities and well-known names from entertainment history on the anniversary of their passing. For each and every day of the year, we identify a celebrity who died on that day, the year they died, and the cause of death. And, for each month, we feature an original gravesite photo for one of the celebrities for that month. And, as always, the calendar includes all new names for 2020!

The 2020 Daily Deathiversaries calendar features iconic names from years gone by -- Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Cecil B. DeMille, Mabel Normand, Charlie Chase, Fred Astaire and Lon Chaney -- and more recent departures from 2019 -- Doris Day, Tim Conway, Peter Fonda, Valerie Harper, Carol Channing, Diahann Carroll and Luke Perry -- and hundreds more film and TV performers, directors, singers, writers, comedians and other legends of entertainment. And probably a few people who will make you think, "Gosh, I didn't even know they were dead." It's a great conversation piece, and an attractive addition to any home, work cubicle, place of business, rec room or personal mausoleum. And it makes a great gift!

The 2020 Daily Deathiversaries calendar, featuring celebrity deathiversaries for all 366 days of the year (it's a leap year, so you get an extra day at no extra charge!), is only $15, which includes postage and handling for all U.S. orders. That's just 4 cents per day! (Non-U.S. orders are $20, including postage and handling.) Limited quantities are available, so order now!

For all U.S. deliveries, the total price, including postage, shipping and handling, is $15 per calendar:


For everywhere else in the whole wide world, the total price, including postage, shipping and handling, is $20 per calendar:


RAQs (Rarely Asked Questions)

Q. Why did you pick Person X for a particular date, when Person Y also died on that date, and Person Y is much more famous / important / popular / beloved / interesting / etc.?

A. No offense intended to Person Y, but sometimes it's a difficult choice between a bunch of people. We generally focus primarily on movie and TV people, and we usually don't include someone who was on last year's calendar. If Person Y isn't on the calendar this year, they might be on it next year.

Q. Who's that person? I've never heard of them! Why are they on my calendar?!

A. Calm down, Skippy. Sadly, we can't honor the passing of a universally acclaimed entertainment superstar on every day of the year. And sometimes, that's intentional. If you don't know who someone is, look them up. You might be glad you did, and you'll learn something.

Q. Who took the grave pictures?

A. We did.

Q. They're lovely.

A. Thank you very much. Do you have any other questions?

Q. Why is the cause of death sometimes listed as "unknown"? Surely, there must be a reason they died. Is there a mystery surrounding their passing? Should there be an investigation? Should someone call the police?

A. It's a calendar. It's not a legal document. In almost all cases, there is a legitimate and scientific reason why someone died. But, even for a celebrity, that reason isn't always announced. Perhaps the family wants to retain a little privacy, or they think it's none of your business. Maybe their dearly departed family member died in a seedy motel room with six other people and a large bucket of horse tranquilizers, wearing nothing but a top hat and oven mitts, and the family doesn't want to tarnish their memory. Certainly, you can understand.

Q. Where can I get horse tranquilizers?

A. We have no idea. And even if we did, we wouldn't tell you.

Q. Would people at work get creeped out if I hung this calendar in my cubicle at work?

A. Probably not. It's not scary or weird. (Well, it's not scary, anyway.) In fact, it might even start some interesting conversations. Whenever people see the calendar for the first time, they always, always check and see who died on their birthday. And if it's someone they don't know, you can tell them their story, since you've already looked them up (see Question 2). Who knows? Maybe you'll find a kindred spirit and make some new friends.

Q. Do you think anyone is still reading down this far on the page?

A. Probably not.