Hollywood Remains to Be Seen
A Guide to the Movie Stars' Final Homes

Most grave markers contain the standard epitaphs: "Rest in Peace," "Beloved Spouse" or "I Told You I Was Sick." Some well-known people have well-known epitaphs, like Rodney Dangerfield's "There Goes the Neighborhood," Joan Hackett's "Go Away -- I'm Asleep," Mel Blanc's "That's All Folks," and Merv Griffin's "I Will Not Be Right Back After This Message."

Markers often include a person's nickname. I sometimes wonder if the person would really want that nickname on their grave marker, bolted in bronze or etched in marble or granite for all eternity. Or even posted on a website. Here are a few of the more amusing nicknames I've found.

Sometimes, you'll stumble across a "normal" person with a unique epitaph -- either poignant, amusing or just plain puzzling. Here are a few I've found:

(Read the first letter of each line)

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