Hollywood Remains to Be Seen
A Guide to the Movie Stars' Final Homes

So, how can you order a copy of "Hollywood Remains to Be Seen," and get started on your quest to find the final resting places of your favorite Hollywood stars, or just read about their fascinating personal and professional lives?

Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy as just running down to your local bookstore and buying a copy.

The first edition of the book sold out, and is currently out of print, and the original publisher is no longer in business. (And sincere thanks to everyone who bought a copy!) I'm working on getting a new publisher for an expanded second edition, and I'm hoping to have an announcement on that fairly soon.

If you absolutely must have a copy (and I certainly can't blame you), it's possible to find used copies online, at various prices. There are also some distributors selling "print-on-demand" versions of the book, usually at higher prices. I wasn't involved in the decision to sell "print-on-demand" copies, or even told about it. For some reason, the price of the book increased from $17.95 to $29.95. As an author, I should be happy about that, since I'd be earning more in royalties.

Unfortunately, I'm also not currently involved in any of the earnings or royalties for the sale of the "print-on-demand" books, so I can't really recommend that you go that route. But I'm working on that, too, and hope to have everything straightened out soon. At that point, when everything is settled, I'll include a list and links where you can buy the "print-on-demand" versions.

How can you tell whether you're buying an original copy, or a "print-on-demand" version? You probably can't, until you actually have the book and check the price printed on the cover.

For me, it's been a real struggle for the past couple of years, trying to determine who actually owns the publishing rights, who authorized who to print new versions, and why I wasn't involved or informed about any of those decisions. Without going into detail, or naming names, I'm just hoping that things will work out soon. (And, if they don't, I'll go into detail and name names.)

Meanwhile, thanks for your interest and support. I'll certainly keep you posted.

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