Hollywood Remains to Be Seen

A Guide to the Movie Stars' Final Homes

By Mark Masek

Direct, step-by-step directions to find your favorite stars, celebrities and notable people in cemeteries
throughout the Los Angeles area, along with detailed personal and professional
biographies. In addition to the comprehensive "Hollywood Remains to Be Seen" book,
Cemetery Guide e-books are also available for easy and convenient personal tours of individual cemeteries.

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Latest update: May 25, 2024

Stephen and Linda Hunio

Recent Stories Behind the Stones:

Russ Columbo
Robert Williams
Peggy Shannon
Gail Russell
Marion Parker
Lillian Leitzel and Alfredo Codona
Joe Penner
The Empire Day disaster in Long Beach

The Stories Behind the Stones archive contains more than 80 stories
about people who deserve to be remembered.
Some of them are famous, but most of them are not.
If you're a fan of true crime or history, you'll enjoy them and learn something.

Is there someone you'd like to see in a future Stories Behind the Stones? Lemme know !

LAPD Memorial Street Signs

More than 200 officers of the Los Angeles Police Department have been killed in the line of duty
since the department was formed in 1869. In 2014, the city launched a project to honor
these officers, by placing special memorial signs at the location where each officer fell,
or at the LAPD Police Academy. These are the stories of the men and women
who risked their lives every day to serve and protect the citizens of Los Angeles,
and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Comments and Reviews

"Hollywood Remains to Be Seen is the definitive guide to the final resting places of Hollywood's elite. ... Short celebrity bios, anecdotal stories and cemetery histories make this book a 'must-have' for any Hollywood Gravehunter. If you're planning on visiting Los Angeles, buy this book!"

-Jim Tipton, Find-a-Grave.com

"Mark Masek, celebrity grave historian, knows everything there is to know about Forest Lawn."

-Madison Michele, TV Guide Network

"This is a terrific book. If you're a Hollywood fanatic, you've got to get your hands on this. This is a must!"

-Wayne Stevens, CKLW Radio,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Author Mark Masek is an authority on celebrity graves."

-Miriam Hernandez, KABC-TV

"This wonderful and profusely illustrated volume will certainly appeal to the graveyard buffs among our readers! ... A fascinating book and a real guide to the stars' final homes!"

-Troy Taylor, president of the American Ghost Society

"If you like Hollywood, if you like the nostalgia of Hollywood, if you like stories about the stars, do I have the perfect gift for you ! It's called Hollywood Remains to Be Seen. ... It's the perfect Christmas gift idea !"

-John Murphy, The Movie World Radio Show,
KLAC Radio, Los Angeles, CA

"This is the definitive guide to the movie stars' final resting places."

- Dark Delicacies book store

"Much more comprehensive for the serious grave afficionado ... this recent 400-page volume is jam-packed with just about everything you need to know in order to locate your favorite stars from yesteryear."

-Rick Muenchow, Suite101.com

"An intriguing treasure-trove of material."

-Mike Harden, Columbus (OH) Dispatch

"What could be a more perfect way to spend this Halloween season than touring the cemeteries of Los Angeles? Get a copy of Mark Masek's great guidebook to where the stars are buried and head out for a spooky time."

-Paul Lasley, KTLA Morning News,
Los Angeles, CA

"A fantastic book."

-Jim Bresnahan, WREL Radio,
Lexington, VA

"The final word on the resting places of Hollywood's elite."

-University of Illinois Alumni magazine

"If you have an interest in touring the cemeteries where the rich and famous are buried, this is the book for you."

-Jim Cates, KMAJ Radio, Topeka, KS

"This is the best tourist book in the world !"

-Blanche Koenig

"This book is very different from what I expected and is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. I could not put it down."

-Edith Smith, Valdosta (GA) Daily Times

"Hollywood Remains to Be Seen is the definitive guide to the final resting places of Hollywood's elite."

- Hotel Bel-Air magazine

"Mark Masek has written another great book on gravehunting. Yet another great addition to a gravehunter's library!"

-Karen McHale, Hollywood-Underground.com

"It's the perfect bathroom book."

-Jennifer Herrick

Hey, look! I'm in an actual library! And so is my book.

Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of "Hollywood Remains to Be Seen." (Actually, I have no idea. I met him when he was filming an episode for one of his TV shows on a Dearly Departed Tour, and I gave him a book, and he was kind enough to pose for a photo with me. Very nice guy, and surprisingly knowledgeable about infamous celebrity deaths, which shouldn't be too surprising since he seemed to be knowledgeable about almost everything.)

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